JULY 20, 2018

Gentlemen Rogues have been quiet, lately. We are still alive, and quietly working on new songs. We have several shaping up quite nicely. Looking to get loud soon.

In the meantime, our latest EP (FATAL MUSIC) awaits you…

MARCH 12, 2018

FRIDAY, MARCH 16TH! Gentlemen Rogues will be playing the 7th Annual SHIFTING SOUNDS UNOFFICIAL SXSW party, at HOLE IN THE WALL. We play on the earlier side of the evening, at 8PM! FREE SHOW! Come out, won’t ya?


FEBRUARY 22, 2018

Many thanks to the wonderful Laurie Gallardo for giving International Pop Overthrow fest some love on the KUTX Austin Music Minute! You will also hear a big chunk of the opening track to Gentlemen Rogues’ FATAL MUSIC EP, “Pact and Ready to Go”. Thanks!



More dates on the way…